Five Reasons To Get Massages

1. Massages decrease stress, depression, and anxiety.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, studied patients who had undergone open-heart surgery. They compared the benefits of massage and quiet relaxation time and found that those in the massage group were significantly less anxious and tense. They also reported significantly less pain.

2. A rub down reduces lower back pain.

Researchers found that those who got 30 minutes of massage therapy twice a week had less pain and more mobility and range of motion in their lower backs.

3. You’ll Sleep Better!

Journal of Clinical Rheumatology compared the benefits of massage to those of relaxation therapy on people who have fibromyalgia. After five weeks of twice- weekly 30-minute massages, those in the massage therapy group slept longer and more soundly than those who had relaxation therapy. Plus, people in the rub-down group also found their pain level decreased and they had fewer tender spots on their bodies.

4. Massages can ease knee pain.

Weekly Swedish massages decreased knee pain in those suffering from osteoarthritis.

5. Massage Therapy alleviates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is when the median nerve that runs through the wrist becomes trapped, causing pain and tingling can be alleviated with a gentle massage. One study reported in Rheumatology International divided carpal tunnel sufferers into two groups. One group got hand massages in addition to wearing wrist splints, while the other group just wore the wrist splints. At the end of the study, those in the massage group had better grip strength and less pain.


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