Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving marks the start of the busy holiday season. It’s a wonderfully exciting time of year for most of us, especially if you have kids! But with all the preparations and shopping it can be stressful.

To make life a little easier for you, Faina European Spa offers uber de-stressing treatments & packages from today! (See below.)

Organic Bliss
2 hours 15 minutes
Special $191.00 regular $360.00

*Organic Restorative Facial-Includes antioxidants and nourishing botanicals to balance and restore the skin’s proper moisture level. Good for all skin types.
*Aromatherapy Body Massage-50 Min
*Aromatherapy Paraffin Hand & Foot Treatment

Thermal Body Detoxifying, Firming Treatment with 45 min Body Massage
1 Hour 45 Minute Spa Package

Special $135.00 regular $220.00
+ FREE Choice of 15 Min Feet or Scalp Massage or Exfoliating Facial Mask.
The Seaweed body wrap nourishes, detoxifies, and firms the muscles & skin. The body massage relieves stress and restores balance to your body & mind

Pumpkin Pomegranate Facial
The Perfect Facial for Fall-Detoxifies, Restores & Revives The Skin
Special $105.00 regular $175.00
70 Minutes

Includes Cucumber Detoxifying Cleanser, Face Massage with antioxidants and nourishing botanicals to balance and restore the skin’s proper moisture level, Extraction, Intense Anti-Oxidant Professional Exfoliator (exfoliates and detoxifies skin with Active Pumpkin and Pomegranate Extract, highly effective in reducing hyperpigmentation and preventing it). Followed by Chocolate Power Skin Rescue Masque with polyphenol trio of cocoa, resveratrol and acai berry Or Mango Masque to restore and revive the skin. Good for all skin types.

Cranberry Delight
75 min Spa Package
Special $110.00 regular $160.00

Cranberry Body Scrub- This hydrating skin polisher is high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and essential oils, to help remove impurities and eliminate dead skin cells.
Cranberry Body Massage- Done with cranberry essential oil which is packed with antioxidants equal to those in green tea and red wine, and especially loaded with Vitamin C and Potassium to rejuvenate, relax and restore elasticity to the skin. The massage is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques.