Is your skin ready?

The unofficial kickoff to the summer season is near! Are you ready to bare your skin? Try our Memorial Day Special “Face & Body Exfoliation”. It will get rid of dry winter skin and make sure you’re glowing to start the season. For only $75, it’s a steal!

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Reflexology Treatments

Four Reasons to get Reflexology Treatments:
1. It feels good
2. It is healing
3. It is relaxing
4. It is energizing
Reflexology can access thousands of nerve endings in each foot that connect to every part of our body. It encourages the flow of energy or circulation within the body, which facilitates balance and healing.
For the cherry on top, it is this week’s special
(good thru Friday 5/13/16)
15 mins $29
30 mins $59
60 mins $89
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Mother’s Day Reminder

Friendly Reminder: T-minus 2 days until Mother’s Day! We hope you’re prepared with a gift for the moms in your life. But if not, Faina European Spa to the rescue! Don’t tear your hair out trying to figure out what to get for her. Time is running out and you simply cannot go wrong with a gift certificate to the spa. What woman doesn’t like to be pampered? That’s right. None.

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