“Detox” is a pretty popular word nowadays when it comes to health. There are infinite ways and benefits to detoxification. Simple detoxification helps with bloating, fatigue, depuffing under eyes, brightens skin, more energy, lose weight, just to name a few. The body needs “purification” from time to time so that it eradicates the negative effects from the environment and everything your organs can function efficiently.

There are short and long term detoxification. Every little bit helps when it comes to making better choices to be healthier. It can be as simple as drinking lemon water throughout the day. You can even do a 3- day detox. There is so much you can research on.

One very important way to detox once in a while in this technology age is “digital detoxification”. We are on our phones, tablets, and computers way too much. Definitely take some time to put the devices away, particularly while the weather is nice. Do some gardening, go to the beach, read a book, walk in the park. Do anything without your devices! We promise it will feel sooo good!!!


Just added to our Summer Specials: Summer Indulgence!!! Enjoy some R&R with our Summer Indulgence Spa Package Special $169 (Regularly $198). Includes European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – 60 min. & European Body Massage – 60 min. In just two short hours, you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated. You’ll also be proud of yourself for the money well spent on the benefits of getting pampered!

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Weekend is almost here!

Hang in there! Just one more day until the weekend, and it looks like we’ll have decent summer weather to enjoy. Our Summer Specials are still going strong. Come in and get pampered so that you’ll be able to bring your A game for all the fun in the sun!

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Summer Specials

The holiday weekend may be over, but our Summer Specials are still going on! Hurry in to get your skin hydrated with our Summer Hydra Radiance Facial or get summer ready with our Summer Breeze Spa Package, plus more! There will be tons of fun in the sun which means your skin will need some tlc and of course a massage never hurts.

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