Crystal Mud Lavender Pedicure

Ancient Chinese people believed that detoxification starts at the feet. This belief dates back thousands of years. Now you can experience the ancient beauty secret for yourself! Have you tried our Crystal Mud Lavender Pedicure? This will be your secret to keeping your feet nice and soft all winter long. So when sandals season rolls back around, your feet will be nice and ready. Developed by a team of Chinese physicians and expert, Crystal mud is formulated based upon ancient Chinese beauty secrets that have a history of more than 2,000 years.

Crystal Mud contains mostly natural ingredients including Tree Resin, Gypsum, Talcum, Lavender Seed & Extract. Lavender is well known for its sedative antiseptic properties which aids the body’s system in rejuvenation and nourishment. It relaxes the body, softens and moisturizes skin, alleviates stress, stimulates senses, and restores balance.
Try our Crystal Mud Lavender Pedicure today, or upgrade the pedicure in your spa package. You can thank us later.