DIY Lip Scrub

Exfoliating our lips is not a common practice, but it should be! The cold can be brutal on our lips making them dry and chapped. A major cosmetic brand came out with a line of lip scrubs recently. But if you’re not sure it’s a routine you can stick to, you can totally start by using a DIY lip scrub. You won’t need to spend any money because you probably have some of the ingredients in your pantry!lipscrub

First you will need a tiny little container. You can either buy an empty travel size container, or you can be creative in reusing something you already have. Such as contact lens case, empty containers from product samples, mint tin, and sauce containers from takeout are great options. You need two basic ingredients: an oil and an exfoliant. Coconut or olive oil are commonly used. Sugar is a good exfoliant for lips.

You can research all kinds of recipes online. Measurements don’t have to be as precise as say, baking a cake. You can always add more of an ingredient to get the consistency you want. One easy one you can try is 1 tb coconut oil and 2 tbs sugar. Just mix together in a small bowl. The consistency should be like wet sand. You can adjust by adding more of either ingredient to get to the right consistency. To make it smell extra scrumptious you can add a few drops of vanilla extract and if you want a hint of color, add a couple drops of food coloring. Once you get to the consistency you like, try it on your lips! Apply on your lips and gently scrub away for a minute or two. Leave it on for a few minutes. Then wipe it off with damp paper towel or lick it off! Apply some lip balm to your newly soft pucker to finish.