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Spa Week is a bi-annual event that allows New Yorkers to tone and clean their skin and experience the luxury of being pampered. Every April and October, hundreds of spa and wellness locations across North America provide two to three full-service spa treatments for just $50 each.

Here at t2c we have been trying some of the amazing offers and are here to tell you about what we think is the best and what you can experience.
Over at Faina European Day Spa, a private retreat in the heart of Midtown Manhattan at 330 West 58th Street #402. I experienced the Body Polish & Body Massage, which is normally $140.00 for 60 min, but for Spa Week it will only cost you $50. This full body exfoliation of dead skin cells, increases circulation and improves skin tone. You get a choice of the following scrubs: Lavender, Brown sugar vanilla, Peppermint Sugar, Chocolate Mint. I choose brown sugar vanilla. What was interesting, is in all my writing and exploring, I had never experienced a body scrub. I have to tell you, I am now addicted. Fay has the most healing hands I have ever felt. I was actually very embarrassed to do this, since my surgery has left my body nowhere near where I’d like it to be. From the moment Fay started applying the scrub and swirling it around my body, I was purring. I felt my energy, which had been stuck and blocked, opening up to allow me to flow. That alone is why you should rush over to Fiana’s.

This is one sensuous treatment, so if you do not like being touched, you may have a problem here. Nothing is sacred, but in that regard, I was freed from the hatred of my body. I felt honored and treasured by Fay and because of that I could honor and treasure myself. Body scrubs are a miracle in that sense. After the scrub you are ushered into a shower to clean yourself for the next step. As the shower steams off the scrub the aroma of the treatment surrounds you. You will notice just how soft you are as your skin glows.

Next up was the 30 minute European body massage by Timi. I liked Timi a lot, but my body is rather sensitive from all that has happened to it and Timi spent to much time on my neck, which has left it sore. In a sense this was my fault, as I felt the pain during the massage and should have said something, but I was too embarrassed to speak up.

It is four days later and my skin is still soft and has that faint smell of vanilla.

Faina is known for it’s couple packages and a spa menu that includes:

* Seaweed Nourishing Mask
* Seaweed Firming Body Wrap
* Mud Body Wrap
* Aromatherapy Cellulite Treatments
* Body Exfoliating Treatments
* Aromatherapy Body and Scalp Massage
* In addition to many more unique treatments

The plus is if you love the treatments you’ve had, there are series of treatments. Not only will you have the comfort of pre-paying, but you will receive great savings on the treatment you love. Pay in cash and get an additional 5% off full price treatments.

Faina, herself has medical training and almost 30 years of experience. With salt from Hungary, mud from Italy, and Aromaplasty from France, you will find exquisite pampering. I highly recommend Fay and her body scrubs that will leave you baby soft with a renewed sense of self. After all isn’t that what spa treatments are about.

Faina European Day Spa has an awesome pedicure that will get your feet as smooth as silk. Owner, Faina Shafir, a skincare expert, has been in business for over 30 years. In the New York City spa industry, that is exceptional, so I knew that Faina must be doing something right. After overhearing rave reviews from a happy client on her way out post-facial, I was excited to have my pedicure.
The Crystal Mud Lavender Pedicure actually uses colored crystals that expand in water to create a thick substance that hydrates and moisturizes your feet. The more you move your feet around in the water, the more the liquid thickens, until it becomes the consistency of mud. After soaking in the Crystal Mud, my nail technician meticulously groomed my toenails. Then I enjoyed a relaxing exfoliation with a gentle Champagne Rose scented scrub. After the exfoliation, my nail technician moisturized my feet and legs while giving me a top-notch massage that was thorough and relaxing.
My nails were perfection after such meticulous grooming, and the pedicure lasted for weeks with just regular nail polish. Faina has a variety of pedicures that are perfect for super hydration, including the Grape Peel Pedicure that incorporates a Grape Pedi Peel Mask and Champagne Oil, and the Seaweed Pedicure, with a foot wrap and clay mask. You can’t go wrong with any of Faina’s pedicures.

“Nice relaxing facial with good feedback on skincare.”
Susan 1/10/18

“I loved it. I will come back to this place every time!”
Jamie 1/8/18

“Massage was great. Staff was very kind and did not rush us. The experience was wonderful!!”
Bryan 1/7/18

“So amazing! Loved every minute. Very relaxing!”
Evan 1/7/18

“Has a body scrub, body wrap, massage, & facial. Ladies were sweet. Made sure I was pleased and comfortable.”
Marleny 1/6/18

“The whole experience was amazing. The body scrub was thorough. The steam shower was great. Thank you!”
Ruhi 12/2/17

“Everything was A+.”
Anthony 11/26/17

“Absolutely sensational. We were blown away by the service and professionalism.”
Melinda 11/24/17

“The entire experience was truly amazing. This was my first massage and as a teacher, this was the best way to end my week. Thank you.”
Jan-Kristof 11/10/17

“New life! Caring and considerate. Thank you!”
Laura 11/7/17

“Very relaxing for a deep tissue, not too hard. Lovely and fantastic atmosphere.”
Krisi 11/1/17

“Nice place, professional, easy booking.”
Yun 11/1/17

“Everything was simply amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will be returning. Thank you!”
Laura 10/27/17

“Great experience. Service and booking was easy to navigate. Very nice employees.”
Rachel 10/27/17

“It was nerve wracking at first not knowing what to expect. It ended up being a great experience!”
Karina 10/12/17

“It was a fully relaxing time. Never had a pedicure but I’ll have to do it again sometime. Massage and scrub were awesome.”
Mark 10/8/17

“Exceptional experience. We did the complete package and had a great time. Would love to do it again!
Robert 10/7/17

“Wonderful! All of the staff were very professional. We enjoyed everything from the scrub to the massage & mani/pedi. The champagne & chocolate were such a treat :)
Jamie 10/7/17

“This is our new favorite spot to get a massage!”
Ashley 10/7/17

“Thank you! Best way to relax the day before my wedding!”
Samantha 10/6/17

“Amazing services. Amazing staff. 1st visit to New York & loved Faina Day Spa.”
Amy 10/1/17

“The ladies were wonderful! The scrub, massage, & facial was incredible. Thank you for a great last day in New York!”
Patti 10/1/17

“Experience was enjoyable. Very pleasant people and was relaxing.”
Amisha 10/1/17

“Great massage. Focused on trouble areas. Facial was very knowledgeable and thorough!”
Sara 10/1/17

“Really enjoyed the body massage. The masseuse listened to my concerns and worked as so. Loved it a lot.”
Gina 9/30/17

“Best spa experience ever! Great customer service.”
Jeffrey 9/30/17

“Professional and efficient, would come back!”
Robert 9/24/17

“Such a wonderful & welcoming staff. The facial was unreal. We will be back!”
Erin 9/20/17

“Oh my God! So great. Friendly people. I came out a new improved person. Thank you so much!!”
Felix 9/16/17

“Very well done massage. Always made sure I was comfortable. Very accommodating. Will come back.”
Bryan 9/12/17

“Very accommodating staff. Amazing massage & relaxing atmosphere.”
Jackie 9/12/17

“A really amazing, relaxing massage in a lovely environment.”
Anja 9/9/17

“Both Fay and May were amazing. They both were exactly what I needed to kick off my birthday wknd. Thanks ladies!”
Joyhdae 9/9/17

“Thank you guys for the relaxing day. I really appreciate it.”
Lillian 9/2/17

“Thank you. Very nice and clean place. The lady that helped was professional and patient.”
Miguelina 9/1/17

“Very nice. Felt like an escape from the hectic city.”
Shane 8/28/17

“Both my facial & massage were excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed both. Thank you.”
Shawn 8/25/17

“This was my first time at this spa and I had a great experience. Everyone was so nice and they were great in making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend the body scrub and facial if you’re thinking about setting a session!”
Rachel 8/20/17

“This was my first time going to a spa and I have such an amazing time.”
Nataly 8/13/17

“Fantastic service & wonderful products. My skin looks amazing.”
Kelly 8/8/17

“Excellent ambiance and perfect pressure.”
Jen 7/17/17

“Massage felt wonderful and the spa was very clean and relaxing. The staff was friendly and very accommodating.”
Luke 7/15/17

“Excellent service & my skin has never felt better!”
Nivedita 7/15/17

“The massage was wonderful! Very relaxing and restorative :)
Sara 7/14/17

“Great speedy service. Extremely professional. Overall great experience.”
Evan 7/9/17

“The best massage I’ve ever received! Thank you!”
Tierra 7/8/17

“I liked the products used on my face during the facial. I also felt very relaxed after my massage.”
Annamaria L. 7/3/17

“Lovely visit today. All services were very professional and enjoyable. Thank you.”
Joanne 7/3/17

“This was my first massage ever and it was amazing. I would 100% recommend & come back for another!”
David 7/3/17

“Amazing experience. Very peaceful, scrub & massage felt great.”
Michele 7/1/17

“This was an amazing spa day!”
Rami 6/23/17

“This was an amazing experience. Pure Bliss!”
Madison 6/23/17

“The experience was phenomenal. My mother and I had such an incredible time, and enjoyed every minute of the massage and our manis and pedis. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for a mother and daughter.”
Lobsang 6/20/17

“Excellent, very relaxing. Perfect ambiance.”
Joanne 6/17/17

“Everything was great. Both professionals were exceptional. 10 stars!”
David 6/4/17

“They were amazing. I feel like a new woman!”
Vincenza 5/31/17

“All therapists were so friendly and professional. Liked music, and atmosphere. Will come back again next time I come to New York!”
Suzi from New Zealand :)

“Thank you so much. One of the best massages I ever had!”
Michael 5/30/17

“Perfect get-away”
Hannah 5/30/17

“Very nice, calming experience. Good face massage!”
Loretta 5/29/17

“The massage was incredible. The atmosphere was amazing and overall experience was magic.”
Bradhy 5/29/17

“Excellent massage. Peaceful environment. Friendly staff.”
Courtney 5/29/17

“Really enjoyed it, especially the facial! Hot stone massage was very relaxing & got many of my knots out. Thank you!”
Neha 5/20/17

“I had a massage, facial, scrub & pedicure. Everything was wonderful & relaxing!”
Letitia 5/27/17

“This was the most relaxing massage I’ve received! Went to a couple of spots before and nothing compared to the courteous & relaxing experience here!”
Marta 5/17/17

“Fabulous massage! She really targeted the areas I asked for and it was super relaxing.”
Sarah 5/16/17

“Amazing!!! Service was great. The ladies provided details on questions asked. Thank you!!! See you all soon.”
Kayne 4/30/17

“Great service! Very smooth process.”
Alvaro 4/29/17

“Everything was excellent. The massage was very relaxing & the facial was wonderful. I already feel the difference in my skin.”
Deniz 4/23/17

“Great experience. The staff is lovely and caring. I would definitely recommend this place.”
John 4/22/17

“Great! Relaxing, very focused. Straight to my problem areas :)”
Melanie 4/21/17

“Relaxing, gentle. Just what we needed.”
Joshua 4/20/17

“Everything was wonderful & amazingly relaxing. Everyone was kind & hospitable. I thoroughly enjoyed all the services.”
Carrie 4/18/17

“I loved my coffee body treatment and my scalp massage! I’ll be back!”
Jacqueline 4/12/17

“As this was my (and partner’s) first time having a massage, you all have made it immensely enjoyable and pleasant. Absolutely would return!” =)
Megan 3/17/17

“First time massage customer, an excellent experience! Would consider making a tradition.”
Kyle 3/17/17

“Best massage ever. Wonderfully quiet environment. 5 star service. Thank you!”
Juliana 3/7/17

“I absolutely loved my services! Everyone made me feel incredibly comfortable and I am feeling relaxed.”
Ranjana 3/5/17

“Always enjoy coming here. I leave a lot better. It’s been at least 14 years, so keep up the great work.”
Karen 3/4/17

“Very nice spa. Deep Tissue Massage was wonderful. Leaving feeling fantastic.”
Gary 2/12/17

“Everything was amazing! The body scrub was great, skin feels amazing after!”
Brittany 2/11/17

“Amazing massage & facial. Had a wonderful time. Vako was especially amazing. My body feels great. Great customer service & care from start to finish. Thank you.”
Emily 1/27/17

“Fantastic job! Felt pampered and well taken care of. I will be back again.”
Courtney 1/20/17

“Very pleasant and professional. Soothing environment and I will be back.”
Daven 1/15/17

“Absolutely what I needed today! It was a wonderful, relaxing experience. The massage hit all the right areas. I feel invigorated!
Elizabeth 1/15/17

“Everyone is kind and will definitely come back again. Service was Grade A and all employees are very hospitable.”
Ryan 10/16/16

“The best deep tissue massage in a long time. I’ll be back.”
Julie 10/11/16

“Very friendly, excellent service, accommodating, and effective.”
Diego 10/8/16

“Barno’s care of hands and movement was spectacular. The warmth of Timea exuded by her presence and hands made it easy to relax right away.”
Heather 10/3/16

“All was excellent! Great service; the staff was helpful and accommodating. The Couples Massage Pkg was affordable! Thank you for a great experience!”
Cesar 9/30/16

“Massage therapist was great! She kept making sure I was comfy and the pressure was good. Will be back. Thanks!”
Kaitlin 9/27/16

“5 stars! It was amazing. Thank you so much. It was the best massage I’ve ever had.”
Anthony 9/27/16

“All therapists are excellent and I always have a good experience here.”
Jacqueline 8/5/16

“I have been coming to Faina European Spa since 2014. I love this place! The service is excellent and the staff that works here is nice.”
Ruth 6/13/16


New York Lifestyles Magazine

By Griffin Miller, Spa Editor February 2017

For couples looking to skyrocket their passions into the next dimension, it’s wise to set your sights on Manhattan’s Faina European Day Spa. Here, against a seemingly modest backdrop, awaits a garden of couple-centric delights. And during this hearts and flowers month, you might just find Valentine’s Day makes the perfect occasion to test out one of Faina’s many liaisons luxurious.

Unlike most spas that offer one or two couples treatments max, Faina has built a reputation for catering to this romantic demographic, offering a menu of fourteen different packages dedicated to twosomes seeking a dose of transcendent down time together be it steeped in body scrubs and massages, or indulgent facials and nail treatments. In short, whatever your hearts and bodies yearn for—accompanied by “fresh cut flowers, aromatherapy candles, and soft music.”

According to owner Faina Shafir, who designed her spa’s treatments and packages, the idea of catering to couples began a long time ago: “I wanted it to be something special to celebrate an occasion—like a birthday or anniversary or Valentine’s Day. The idea was that it would be different from other gifts. Something that would be remembered,” she says, adding perspective to the millions spent on things that rarely make a lasting impression. Sharing indulgent body treatments by candlelight, on the other hand, well, that’s a cherished journal entry with brag rights attached.

And should a Valentine’s “Will you marry me” be eminent, Faina Spa has experience in making the moment exceptional. “We’ve had a few proposals here,” recalls Faina, who says the most recent one was especially memorable. “There were flowers all over the treatment room and right after their massages the gentleman proposed. She was so sweet and surprised—it was touching.”

Recreating some of the couples’ experiences—albeit as a single participant—I surrendered to a wonderfully decadent full body scrub and massage. The scrub made up of lavender and sea salt, was exceptional—most definitely celebrity couple-worthy. My treatment guru assured me my body would be baby soft afterward and indeed while rinsing off in the steam shower, I found myself reveling in my new velvety second skin.

Shortly after that, I was escorted into a second room of flickering scented candles strategically placed inside charming box shelves. This was the setting for the kind of massage that makes the world evaporate around you. Disconnecting in this cozy haven—while being freed of the knots and kinks that (sadly) come with sitting at a computer most of the day—gave me a sense of well-being, while the aromatic oils and soothing leg massage were bliss. And then comes the sweet denouement: Champagne and chocolates.

As for the most popular Valentine’s Day couples packages, Faina says the 2 hour plus “Sweet Sensations for Two” tops the list. It consists of a Champagne Rose Body Scrub for Two, Steam Shower, Aromatherapy Body Massage for Two; French Manicure (for femme) and European Pedicure with Aromatherapy Foot Scrub (for homme). Still, I’m betting the “Couples Chocolate Decadence Massage” gets a serious number of takers, too!

The pleasure of sharing Valentine’s Day with your one and only need not be locked into the day itself—which this year falls on a Tuesday (and may book up quickly). Weekends on either end of the Valentine spectrum are also prime time for indulging in couples packages, or you can opt for a gift certificate which allows you to set your date to make the perfect (pampered!) love connection.

Do keep in mind that while couples are high profile at Faina Spa, they are not by any means exclusive. In addition to the treatments cited in the spa’s couple packages, individual services include everything from seaweed masks and body wraps to aromatherapy cellulite treatments, body and scalp massage, waxing and even Eyebrow Microblading. And FYI, the menu of men’s spa services may well be the most comprehensive in the city.

Jaclyn Smock October 27, 2016

Read below to find out how Faina European Day Spa’s European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial left our staffer, Kaitlin’s skin radiant!

Winter is coming and with that means colder temperatures and that dreaded dry heat to zap our parched,flaky and chapped skin. In an effort to get our face ready for the colder temperatures ahead, we went to one of our go-to New York City spas to get prepped, Faina European Day Spa.

Faina of Faina European Day Spa is a long-standing expert, with over 30 years of experience in the spa industry. Most known for her facials, we knew we had to try the European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial to prepare, protect and guide our skin through the seasonal transition.

It started off like most facials, a light cleansing followed by the steamer but then the Ultrasonic Exfoliating wand was brought out or as we call it the magic wand. Faina guided the wand across our face and the vibration went to work to remove the top layer of dead skin cells (in our case, a lot of removals happened). This facial is for all skin types but is really beneficial for complexions suffering from dark spots, uneven tone and texture woes. The feeling is similar to microdermabrasion, but without the suction. An hour later, we were sad to leave but happy to find our skin was smoother and noticeably more supple.

Since we know not all of our followers are in the city, we asked Faina to share her top at home change of season skincare tips! Faina recommends, “As the weather changes, so should your skin care routine at home. Although we might not realize it, our skin tends to be oilier in the summer and dryer in the winter.” So, add a heavier moisturizer, exfoliate once a week and don’t forget a daily serum.”

As seen in Time Out New York October 12-18, 2016 Issue 1068


Valentine’s Day is a time for pampering and spoiling those who you love. Expressing the love you have for that person – or for yourself – is embracing what makes them feel their best. For some people, that’s chocolate, flowers, and champagne. For other, it’s a trip to the spa. February sees some of the highest numbers for spa bookings (other than Spa Week!), and for good reason. Spa treatments and packages for the holiday make a great gift for anyone who needs a little extra love and relaxation!

At Faina European Spa in New York City, you can treat either yourself, your loved one, or both with some amazing Valentine’s Day Specials. Faina has been rated the Best Couples Spa in New York City, and has been rated as having The Best Massages & facials by Time Out New York. In order to sweeten the deal on their Valentine’s treatments, these specials are running through the whole month of February. So even if you miss the actual Valentine’s Day treats, you can still enjoy them all month long. – Julia Schifini

Holiday-scented spa treatments in New York City

Cranberry Delight body scrub and massage at Faina European Spa
If you want a whiff of the holidays without being overwhelmed by festive aromas, this body combo offering will do the trick. Owner Faina Shafir, who has been running her Midtown West spa for 26 years, created this seasonal service (available through February 28) after discovering cranberries’ nourishing skin benefits. Be prepared to strip down to a disposable paper thong for the first half of the treatment. Using subtly fruity Keyano Aromatics cranberry body scrub, a therapist will rub you from head to toe with the thick, coarse cream. The hydrating exfoliator contains cranberry oil, shea butter and antioxidants. After you’re fully coated, rinse off in an adjacent shower and emerge with a silky-smooth dermis that’s noticeably softer. Next, a different therapist performs Swedish and deep-tissue massage using Keyano Aromatics cranberry oil, a slick paraben-free serum that seeps into pores, leaving a slightly sweet lingering aroma. You can re-create the experience at home—both products are available for purchase ($22 each). 330 W 58th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves, suite 402 (212-245-6557, 60min, $110 (normally $160). Mention TONY to receive this discount through Dec 31.—Rachel LeWinter

Are your pores in need of some attention? We sent a Spa Week staffer to test the Holiday Glow Facial with Pomegranate-Cranberry Antioxidant Treatment at Faina European Day Spa. See if this treatment lived up to its promise of delivering clear, glowing skin!

From Spa Week staffer Kaitlin:
One of the worst things about winter weather? Dull winter skin. I tried just about everything from peels to hydrating facials to get back the glow, but nothing seemed to do the trick. I knew that Faina had a reputation for providing great skincare, so I decided to give their new seasonal facial a try.

When I arrived, Laura, my esthetician and new best friend, wasted no time getting to work. This facial started with all of the basics: cleansing, exfoliating, steam and extractions. After that, two masks were applied; One with aloe to calm redness and inflammation and one with cranberry to brighten and plump. Since each facial is tailored to your individual skin type, mine concluded with a collagen treatment, LED light (to help the product penetrate) and oxygen blast.

During the facial, I discovered another great perk of Faina: Skincare lessons are included with your service. Laura advised on what type of products are best for my skin, what treatments I should do, and how often. (Note to self: Skincare routines need to be tweaked just about every season, so remember to switch it up!). Laura also pointed out a better way to apply products, and I learned that massaging in skin creams helps boost their efficacy. I left with plenty of new skincare knowlege, as well as that glowing, dewy post-facial complexion we all love. –KS

Faina European Day Spa: Clay Souffle Chocolate Mint Body Scrub
315 W 57th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves, suite 402 (212-245-6557, $70. TONY dealMention TONY when booking or at time of appointment for 20 percent off all treatments (Mon–Fri appointments) through Feb 29.
I’ve been blessed with itchy, dry skin (thanks, Mom), so I was stoked when my technician, Barno Yosefi, explained that the natural sugar cane in this exfoliating scrub would remove dead cells and leave me with smoother skin. The delicious-smelling concoction, safe for those with sensitive skin, was rubbed gently all over my body.
Best part:
A steamy shower after the treatment and subsequent massage with moisturizing, vitamin-rich lotion were unexpected extras.
Why it’s worth it:
My entire body felt baby-soft, and I didn’t have the slightest inclination to scratch.—Elizabeth Denton

 Faina European Spa Skip the boring Valentine’s Day gifts this year and book a spa escape for you and your plus-one. This tranquil spot is lowering prices on its most popular packages. Nab a 50-minute couples’ massage with champagne and chocolates for $209 (normally $220); add two-hour-long dual pore-cleansing facials for $339 (usually $410); or go big with three hours’ worth of facials, paraffin hand treatments, spa pedicures and massages for $232 (regularly $358). 315 W 57th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves, suite 402 (212-245-6557, Mon–Fri 10am–8pm; Sat, Sun 10am–6pm. Thu 9–Feb 29.

NYC Spas – Faina European Spa

July 2, 2010, 8:54 am
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Faina European Spa is named after a Russian woman named Faina. It’s her spa. Go figure. Well-versed in the art of pampering, this lady has put together quite the impressive sprawl on 57th street. Tucked away on the 4th floor of a predictably glossy building just beneath Central Park’s west side entrance, Faina spa offers hedonists all the fixin’s—especially for those hedonists arm in arm with a lover. Perhaps best known for couples treatments, Faina does romance right. We’re talking champagne scrubs, flower petals, and some post-spa getting lucky time. (Note:  The “getting lucky time” will have to happen on your own time and, yes, as lovely as their spa is, on your own turf).

I stopped at the spa a few weeks ago for a revitalizing lavender sea salt full body scrub, and then a nice and hot steam in the adjacent shower. I followed that up with a massage that put me to sleep like a just-fed baby. And I mean that in the best way possible. Who doesn’t want to wake up with soft muscles in a room that smells like an orchard and is backlit by flickering candles?

Expect a 100% professional spa so clean you could eat off the floor with body scrubs and oils so delicious sounding that you just might do that.

I mean, umm, that’s gross. And you might die. So don’t do that. But go get your back rubbed.

By: Elizabeth Seward


Usually, champagne is served in cups for drinking, but at Faina European Day Spa, you dunk your feet in it. Faina’s Grape Peel Pedicure begins with a warm foot soak in effervescent champagne soap suds. Next, your feet are exfoliated with a champagne rose scrub, then covered in a champagne rose mask. Before the sweet-smelling mask is removed, your feet are wrapped in plastic and placed in two funny-shaped silver slippers that make them feel quite toasty. After about five minutes, the slippers are removed, the mask is rinsed away, and your feet are moisturized with champagne rose lotion. A lengthy, luxurious foot massage follows, succeeded by the application of toenail polish. The whole process takes longer than your average pedicure, but it is also more pleasurable. The Grape Peel Pedicure is not available for a reduced price during Spa Week, but Faina’s classic European Pedicure is. Although the classic is sans champagne, Barno, the Faina technician who did an exquisite job on my toes, assured me that it’s très fantastique.

“Romance for Two”

Faina European Day Spa

This Valentine’s special will put you and your loved one in the mood for romance while keeping you warm and cozy all day. The package includes a steam shower, an aromatherapy body polish, a one-hour European body massage, and champagne-and-chocolate tret to top it off. Visit the relaxing getaway on West 57th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues in order to purchase a package, or check out other special offers on the spa’s Web site at www.’ – Maia Blume

“Faina European Day Spa is one of TONY’s favorite escapes. For something a little out of the ordinary, opt for the European Purifying Facial with Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme Treatment or the seaweed Mud Paraffin Facial. or stick with the tried and the true European Body Massage”

“Any excuse that might have been keeping you from pampering yourself is completly shot down here: the brief treat is not expensive, not lengthy and not inconvenient –  and there no getting naked necessary. The office-size suite may be modest, but its linens are crisp and staff serenly professional. A quarter hour of temple rubbing, hair tugging and swirly head kneading feels a lot longer, and it’s mind-clearing for even the most ticklish among us. Expect a quick detour to the shoulders or forearms if you are game, but nothing’s more invasive here than what you’d experience in an awkwardly crammed L train”

“Faina European Day Spa is one of the city’s top spots offering top notch skin care …”

“Faina Day Spa alleviated the frustration of my freakishly long 10am meeting. The 15-minute scalp massage–a seemingly endless series of rubs, strokes, and even strangely enjoyable hair tugs–was a godsend. The treatment even purports to stave off hair loss, a bonus for those tearing their locks out over a looming presentation or their own personal Dwight Schrutes.”

“In her native Russia, she held a medical dgree, which explains her knowledge of and interest in workings of the body’s most vital organ-the skin. Today, Faina is the proprietor of a luxe Midtwon spa offering unparalleled personalized service. Add to that her years of experience studying ways to perfect the complexion, a unique dash of old-world charm, and a no-nonsense approach to beauty, and you have a day spa experience you’ll never forget”

“Faina’s facials are known city-wide; she will unclog your pores, get rid of surface dirt and dead cells, and restore a healthy, youthful glow to your complexion”

“Restore youthful radiance and vitality at this private retreat nestled in the heart of Manhattan. Russian born and trained, Faina has a deep understanding of the skin”

“Faina provides enough pampering to calm both skin irritation and send you snoozing”