Vitamin-C Facial: Aging Skin’s Best Friend

Facial with Vitamin-C Serum.

“How to drop a decade and cheat your age” (without surgery) as seen on The Dr. Oz Show. The secret is Vitamin-C which is a super anti-oxidant, and powerful enough to replace surgery! By adding a Vitamin-C serum to your skin regimen, you will see a difference within a matter of weeks. However, not all Vitamin-C serums are created equal. It is important to choose a Vitamin-C serum that contains 1. Ascorbic Acid which helps pigmented, sun damaged, dead skin, and age spots while repairing skin’s balance. 2. Vitamin-E fights off free radicals which causes skin to age.

We have recently brought in a line of amazing products that contains all of the above mentioned ingredients which may help change your skin dramatically. Clients who have had facials done with these products, also bought them to use at home, were extremely satisfied and have continued to repurchase.

Skincare can be an extremely overwhelming subject. We get it.

Why not come in and have our Vitamin-C Anti-Oxidant Facial to get started on a regimen using Vitamin-C? It improves skin elasticity, balances skin tone, brightens complexion, moisturizes & firms skin. Good for skin types. Our estheticians can evaluate your skin and advise you on suitable products just for you.

Photos below as seen on The Dr.Oz Show